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They know me
I have finally met Paul McGann!  After 18.5 years of fandom, being an original member of the PMEB, watching from the outside as others met him, I have finally met him.

Paul McGann
Natalie came up with me but the other 2 didn't want to wait.  Michele Sandusky Jennings, a member of the PMEB that has met him many times before, came with me.  She mentioned the night before that another member was coming to see him on Saturday.  I said I was one of the original members and he replied, with a grin, "Oh, so you are to blame?"  I smiled and said yes.  I didn't lose my mind.  I was very proud of myself for that.  Virginia came with me (and Natalie) when we stood in line for his autograph.  They both gave him a big hug.  Michele said that later he told her that he thought they were very sweet and was happy that they asked for hugs.  They have good taste, like mommy.  :)

I'll post more pics on Sunday.  I am fighting a sinus infection and need to go to bed.

**so happy**

Stupid desktop

Ok, I am going to recap what has been going on with my desktop so I can get it down someplace.  Maybe it will make sense then.

On Sunday night, while typing and surfing the web, the computer went into sleep mode.  Very strange since I had sleep mode disabled.  I pressed the power button, wiggled the mouse, and typed on the keyboard.  Nothing.  So I walked away for a couple of hours.  Then I came back and pressed the power button.  It came on fine.  None of the programs were on when it finished booting but it did restore the Firefox tabs.  I elected to shut down the machine (no hibernation or sleep mode).  The next morning, I found it had turned itself on overnight and had a system restore message.  I walked away and ate breakfast.  About 15 minutes later, I heard a noise and checked on it.  It had gone to sleep again.  I had bigger things to do (sick kid, other kids to get to school) and left it alone.  When I came back, I booted it up and went to the power management settings.  10 minutes later, it went to sleep with me typing on the keyboard.  I walked away and about 10 minutes later, it turned itself back on.

Event Viewer only says the the machine was put to sleep by the lid or sleep button.  It is a desktop, thus no lid.  And there are no sleep buttons on my computer.  The machine is plugged into a UPS which is plugged into a power regulator.  I took the cpu out to the garage and blew out all of the dust.  All fans are working fine.  No overheating incidents have been recorded.  When the computer is in Safe Mode, it does not go to sleep.  I have run malware bytes and it found nothing.  I can't get it to stay awake long enough to run Avast.

I spent Monday researching and trying a dozen different solutions.  My brother (and a bunch of others) offered a number of ideas.  On Tuesday, I found a MS Win 7 forum discussing how to delete power schemes.  All of my settings were done using the default power scheme.  So I made one for myself.  It seemed to work.  However, after a few hours, it began to go to sleep again.  And the strangest thing is how it can be shut down, not in hibernation or sleep, and it will turn itself back on.

It has continued to happen, with more or less time in between sleep modes.  Sometimes it can be hours, others less than a minute.  I did a system restore this morning, using one from Oct 10, before it started to do this.  It hasn't stopped.  I unplugged my second monitor (I'm getting despirate now).  No change.

So, internet land, any suggestions?


Rat Farts!

On Tuesday, while I was driving Natalie to gymnastics but after dropping Virginia off at choir practice, the Sienna decided that its radiator could no longer live.  The temperature spiked and I pulled into a 7-11 parking lot.  It was 4:20.  I called Chris, told him that it was time to come home.  I asked him to contact the garage that he takes his car to (it is close to home) and find out if they had a tow truck.  While he did that, I called his dad.  He set up our insurance policy before he retired and I knew we had towing coverage.  He told me that they may have a service that will provide the tow truck.  Sure enough, after calling 2 different numbers, they did indeed have roadside assistance.  However, it was going to take an hour for them to arrive.  Grr.  By now, it was after 5.  Chris arrived at 5:15 and picked up the twins.  Needless to say, Natalie didn't make it to gymnastics.  Chris had to leave quickly because Virginia needed to be picked up at 5:30.  I stayed with the van and he picked up a pizza for dinner.

I sat in the car and read a book that I luckily had in my purse.  However, people watching (I was facing Parker Road) was interesting.  One woman was waiting at the light with a mirror in one hand and a tweezer in the other, picking hairs out of her neck.  Eww.  Better than the guy I saw years ago driving 80 on the tollway using a nail scissor to trim his nose hairs.  True story.  Spooked the crap out of me.

Finally, at 6:05, the tow truck arrived.  The van was loaded up and we arrived at the mechanic at 6:20.  Chris had called earlier so they knew I was coming.  This morning, the call came that the radiator had a leak and it wasn't repairable.  The hoses and thermostadt are also being replaced.  Grand total:  $951.  Just what I needed to hear.  Sigh.  So much for having fun at Comic Con.  But no matter what, I will get my picture taken with Paul McGann.

Yes, I am finally going to meet Paul McGann.  I am one of the original members of the PMEB and one of the last to finally meet him.  I can't wait!  Chris' sister and her husband were so generous and they bought all 5 of us tickets for Saturday.  My brother paid for me to have my photo taken with Paul.  I am very excited.  And to make it even better, my fellow PMEBer, Michele Sandusky Jennings, will be driving in from Mississippi with her hubby, David.  It should be a fun weekend.


2014 garden, week 31

double rainbow
The garden has gotten weird.  Much of it is tapped out but the tomato plants have exploded.

Week 31Collapse )

That is it for the garden for now.


Sam pic 5
I haven't posted about the garden because my mind has been elsewhere.  I found a psychologist to evaluate Sam for ADD.  He did 2 different tests.  The first was a computer test that tracked his ability to keep focused.  He watched a large square appear on the screen.  There would be a smaller square inside either at the top or the bottom of the original square.  He was supposed to click a button each time it was at the top.  They vary the timing to determine his focus level.  On a scale of -10 (unfocused) to 10 (focused), Sam scored 1.41.  The second test was done the next day after school.  He placed sensors on Sam's scalp to measure brain wave patterns.  Depending upon the type of patterns found, he could see what type of ADD he might have (I am dumbing it down a lot, I don't recall the different patterns).  His showed pretty plainly that he has attention problems but nothing indicates hyperactivity.

After a meeting with Dr. Pete today, I have his first medication in the kitchen.  He starts tomorrow.  I hope it helps him.

Thinking positive thoughts.  :)

On a different note, Virginia is off at 5th grade adventure camp.  I couldn't go because of the twins.  This made Virginia very happy.  She wanted to go without me.  Her cabin mom sent me a text from her last night saying that Virginia wanted to let us know that she loved and missed us and to say goodnight.  It was very sweet.  Right before she left, she auditioned for the Plano Children's Chorale.  She was one of 3 kids at her school, and a bunch of others from Plano ISD's 43 other elementary schools, to audition.  They said the card would go out on Thursday telling her if she made it or not.  She really wants to get in.  It would probably spell the end of gymnastics since the rehearsals are on the same day and same time.  Natalie wants to keep doing gymnastics so we will see what wins.

Natalie has a problem with perfection.  She thinks she can attain it.  This has been getting worse as she gets older.  I am hoping that I won't need to take her to a psychologist or psychiatrist.  She has a very hard time with failure and wants to be the best girl ever.  I've tried to tell her that there isn't any such thing as perfect in the real world but I don't know how much has actually sunk in.

I am working on items for the Twins Club sale.  Really wish I had stuck to my guns and not signed up again.  I simply can't handle all of the commitments.  I don't have time to be doing this anymore.  And I need to find a job.  When I will have time to work, I don't know but I do need one.  sigh.


Sam pic 5
Chris and I have decided that it is time for Sam to be tested for ADD/ADHD.

ADD/ADHD blehCollapse )

This whole thing sucks.

Yay! I found out this morning that one of the doctors I contacted, Dr. John Shackleford, does take CHIP! Sam is set up for the first of 2 appointments to do the assessment. Then we move on from there. I know this is just the first step and that we may end up going to more doctors but at least we have started the ball rolling. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers.


2014 garden, week 25

double rainbow
I skipped week 24.  The garden hadn't changed much and it was the first week of school.  I just didn't get the shots.  But this week, I have pics.

Week 25Collapse )

And Sunday was my birthday.  I am now 47 years old.  I don't feel it but there it is.  I've been in Texas 19 years.  I never expected to be here this long.  Anyway, Chris and the kids gave me some very nice gifts.  He purchased 2 new perfumes for me and a chain for my glasses.  Yes, I now have a granny chain.  sigh  I have it because I hate wearing my glasses.  I only need them for driving and watching tv so they are off my face for anything else.  And that is the problem.  I will put them down and forget about them.  So Chris found someone who makes the chains and had one made for my uniquie tastes.

Birthday! Cake!Collapse )
It was a good birthday.

And one more thing.  Sam started playing baseball last night.  With only 1 practice under his belt, he had his first game.  Sadly, they lost, but they will get better. BaseballCollapse )

And yes, we kept telling him to wear his hat.  Finally, the coach told him and he kept it on after that.  He said it was too hot.  I thought it was interesting that he didn't worry that his team lost.  He was more annoyed that he only got to bat once.


Yes, I am happy, why do you ask?  :)  It's the first day of school after a summer that both went too fast and was far too long.

School picsCollapse )

The morning was marred by Lucy, once again, running out the front door.  Thankfully, Chris was able to catch her quickly and she was locked safely in the house as we headed to school.  Now for a day of quiet and job hunting.  Yes, I am going back into the job market after 9 years.  This may take a while.  I need to prove that I can still do the job.  Fun fun fun.

2014 garden, week 23

double rainbow
Well, my little caterpillar is gone.  I don't know if he went off somewhere else or a bird got him.  Maybe I will see a butterfly next year.  sigh.

Week 23 picsCollapse )

I should have tried to plant some other things but the month has been hot (overall a cooler summer than we have had in a long time but, well, it is August) and I have had had limited desire to go out there.  The kids start school on Monday and I shall do my happy dance.  Then begins the hunt for at least a part time job.  It is time.

2014 garden, week 22

double rainbow
Not much has changed for week 22.  I have a new visitor (see 4th picture) but not much else is different.

Week 22 picsCollapse )

That is it for now.  School starts on the 25th and we need to cram in some more fun stuff before it is done.


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